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A study on the range and impact of reconciliation initiatives

Pathways of Reconciliation is a London-based academic research project that examines the work of non-governmental reconciliation initiatives from around the world, with the aim of developing a systematic understanding of reconciliation in different contexts. The project also aims to draw lessons from case studies towards developing a multifaceted theory of reconciliation. The project also aims to develop a community of researchers, activists and policymakers working on reconciliation, to share ideas and to help advance the topic in research, education, policy and activism.

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Our Objectives

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Objective #1: Build a dataset

The first objective of the project is to compile a comprehensive list of organizations working on reconciliation from around the world and in a range of contexts. By “reconciliation initiatives” we refer to any public initiative that is aimed to engaged society at different levels towards reconciliation in their specific context.

The dataset logs and codes basic open-source information, followed by in-depth information gathered by surveys and interviews. The wide qualitative review of cases enables a comparative examination of the impact of different approaches to reconciliation in different contexts. 

Our Team


Dr Noga Glucksam

Lead Researcher

An assistant professor in International Relations at Richmond, the American International University in London. Specializes in international law, human rights, critical security studies, and peace studies. Dr Glucksam received her PhD in 2017 from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London. Her research examines the political, sociological, international-legal and security aspects of conflict resolution, peacebuilding and transitional justice.


Eliza Sims

Intern - Research Assistant

An undergraduate student in International Relations with a double minor in development studies and environmental science. She is interested in international sustainability, women's rights, and education. Eliza plans to find work with an international or non-governmental organization to promote international equal opportunities.


Mane Grigoryan

Intern - Research Assistant

An undergraduate student in Psychology at Richmond American University. Additional interests include international relations and politics. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career that combines the two interests.

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Tamash Sharkan

Intern - Research Assistant

A postgraduate student in International Relations, interested in comparative and identity studies. Plans to pursue a career in political and foreign policy consultancy. Currently researching the EU conditionality strategy and democracy promotion in the case of Azerbaijan for his dissertation.

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Jamie Cornacchia


An undergraduate student majoring in International Relations. Interested in humanitarian, cultural, and innovative approaches to politics, in the possibility of a positive progression of humanity, and in ways to heal generational traumas as well as present-day violence and misunderstandings. Plans to pursue a career in humanitarianism, culture, and innovation.


Chiara di Venosa


A Political Science undergraduate student, with a keen interest in international law, migration, and human rights. Plans to pursue a Masters’ degree on these topics, and work in the area of human rights policies.

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