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Call for Papers:

Pathways of Reconciliation
Blog and Working Paper Series

Articles and short papers are invited to publish on the Pathways of Reconciliation Blog or in the Working Paper series.

Blog posts should be short articles 500-1000 words long, on any topic related to reconciliation. Blog entries may include reporting on reconciliation initiatives, personal experiences related to reconciliation, discussion of barriers and challenges to reconciliation, theoretical notes and more.

The working paper series is meant to offer a platform for early and developing academic work, theoretical discussion, field notes and methodological debates. Working papers should range from 2500-5000 words, and contain appropriate references. 

For more information or to submit papers, please email:

Opportunities: Welcome

Call for Abstracts

The study of Reconciliation: Connecting evidence, theory and policy

Conference and Workshop in London, Spring 2022

We seek expressions of interest to participate in a workshop and conference on the study of reconciliation, planned for the Spring of 2022 in London, UK.

Abstracts are invited from scholars, especially early career researchers and PhD students, NGO and civil society leaders and activists, and policy professionals who work in the field of socio-political reconciliation with a particular interest in theory-informed policy, impact assessment, comparative analysis, disruptive and innovative approaches and more. 

Topics may include:

  • The pursuit of reconciliation in different levels of society

  • Reconciliation in the age of political polarization and misinformation

  • The impact of religion on reconciliation

  • Reconciliation and the Arts

  • The link between reconciliation and de-securitisation

  • Reconciliation with unknown 'others'

  • Inter-generational reconciliation

  • Reconciliation and the climate crisis

The conference is aimed at broader audiences and will combine in-person and live streaming platforms. We welcome abstracts and expressions of interest from academics and practitioners alike. 

The workshop is meant to facilitate work towards an edited volume on the various pathways to reconciliation. Abstract and expression of interest should specify a chapter proposal, including case study and methodology where appropriate.

For more information, email Dr Noga Glucksam at:

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